The paradox
of fullempty

The idea of fullempty is based on the parable of ‘emptying’ your cup –
a story that goes back several centuries to a conversation over tea,
between the Zen Master Ryutan and the Scholar Tokusan.

Tokusan had heard of the legendary Ryutan, so he came to see the Master and learn all about Zen. But few minutes into the conversation, the scholar started interuppting, rebutting, and arguing with Ryutan.

Ryutan calmly got up and suggested they have tea. He began pouring into Tokusan’s cup. And he kept pouring. Even as the cup began overflowing.

Tokusan was angry and interjected — “stop it, why can’t you see?” and pointed at the overflowing cup. A smiling Ryutan is said to have reminded the scholar that we are often so full of ourselves, there’s no room to absorb new ideas, appreciate new perspectives or create the space for change.

“Come back with an empty cup” suggested the Zen Master. However, it is easier said than done. Often we’re not even aware of our need to empty, to create room for change and allow transformation.

Space to empty, and to refill

For me, coaching is about providing a space to empty into. A space to consider all possibilities, refill and rearrange. To grow, you need room for growth.

The space to explore without prejudice, bias or fear. Unlike mentoring, coaching isn’t about ready made answers based on my past journey. It’s about helping you find your own compass and keys. For you or your team, to unlock, unblock, navigate and lead with confidence.

Interested? Curious about leadership coaching, performance coaching,
seeding a culture of creativity, or unblocking cross-disciplinary collaboration?

“When I let go of what I am,
I become what I might be.”

Lao Tzu