Who? Why? How?

This won’t answer life’s big questions like “who am I?”, or “where do we come from?” But if you want to know more about coaching, or on getting started with small steps, then here are some answers…


How does coaching help Founders & CXOs?

It’s lonely at the top and overcrowded on the workfloor. Constant demands, expectations and pressures from multiple stakeholders, investors, employees, suppliers, and other top-performing peers. Add to it uncertain and constantly evolving buisness scenarios.

In the midst of this coaching allows a wide, open space to explore the multiple scenarios, options and routes without judgement and in complete confidentiality. Explore ways to raise your game, explore ways to collaborate with other A-players. Or explore choices and responses to various demands placed on you.


Why do people want to get coached?

There are many reasons why people seek coaching, here are a few –

  • To make sense of career conundrums and help navigate career choices
  • To lead people and projects with greater confidence
  • To navigate the dynamics at workplace effectively
  • To deep dive into individual purpose or meaning from work-life and life
  • To make sense of career (or life) set backs and create a way forward

In a very broad way, most coaching is about becoming more self aware and getting greater clarity about your situation, so that you can take meaningful decisions and create your very own individualised action plans.


Who do you coach?

As a part of my journey to becoming an ICF Certified Coach – I have coached seasoned Product, Tech, Research, Human Resources, Marketing and Design Leaders and Executives – as well as newbies and mid-career professionals. And the occassional student. For the past 2 decades I have also guided and mentored hundreds of professionals, peers and students. My practice and process as a Coach varies significantly from those previously as a Mentor or guide.


What should I expect from this 30 min exploratory call?

This is an open ended conversation, to explore what you might be on top of your mind or even explore and untangle a set of interconnected issues. Or maybe you want to know more about my approach, check if there’s a possible rapport, or check the differences between mentoring and coaching and counselling. Or discuss and plan future sessions, based purely on your need and situation.


Any financial commitment following this 30 min exploratory call?

This is purely an exploratory call. And it’s free. There are absolutely no commitments, and any further Leadership, Life or Performance Coaching engagement is based purely on mutual agreement and most importantly if, and only if there are any slots available.


How many coaching sessions does one need?

That really depends on you and your scenarios. The kind of areas, situations or issues you may be grappling with and trying to make sense of. Some may find it better to do a few quick sessions in succession – followed by paced out sessions over many months. Some may prefer just the latter, or even just the former.

The answer is – your needs and situation defines the pace and number of sessions. In the 30 min exploratory call, we will also discuss this.


What’s the difference between coaching & mentoring?

Often used interchangably, coaching and mentoring are different in both approach and methology. Mentors leverage on their past experience in a similar domain to guide, advice and steer their mentees – whereas the canvas of coaching is much more vast – encompassing life and leadership, individuals and teams.

As per the International Coach Federation (https://coachfederation.org) – coaching is “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

A mentor is more of “an experienced and trusted advisor.” BusinessDictionary.com defines mentoring as an “Employee training system under which a senior or more experienced individual (the mentor) is assigned to act as an advisor, counselor, or guide to a junior or trainee.”

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking
and creative process that inspires them
to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaching, defined by ICF

More questions?

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